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UNBSU election results | Board of Governors election starts Monday

Although the polls for the 2014 UNBSU General Election closed on Friday, another voting period is set to begin on March 10 due to technical errors with the ballots.

The UNBSU General Election polls closed Friday night. This year’s voter turnout was 17.7 per cent – a 0.2 per cent drop from last year.

Current UNBSU president Ben Whitney said the voter turnout results were expected due to the voting period falling over the March break.

“I would’ve liked it to be higher but with the voting period taking place right now we expected it could be a bit lower. All in all it’s not a bad turnout and we’re looking forward to working with the new exec members.”

There were a few technical errors with ballots this year. Because not all students were able to vote for the Board of Governors positions, the voting event will be re-run starting March 10 at 12:01 a.m. and ending March 14 at 11:59 p.m.

Here are the UNBSU executive and councillors for the 2014/2015 academic year:


President: Greg Bailey

VP External: Nicole Saulnier

VP Internal: Lee Thomas

VP Finance and Operations: William MacMackin

VP Student Services: Elizabeth (Bess) Teague

Faculty Councillors

Renaissance College Representative: Travis Daley

Nursing Representative: Emily Jackson

Science Representatives: Sydney McAdam, Luke LeBlanc

Business Representatives: Wade Williams, Samantha Michaud, Ajayi Oluwaronke

Law Representative: Josh Toombs

Kinesiology Representatives: Hailey Rendell, Alyssa Whelan

Engineering Representatives: Elizabeth Calvin, Kelsey Morrissey, Andrew Russel

Arts Representatives: Marc Gagnon, Samantha Irma Sapi, Kevin Collins

Computer Science Representative: Jesse Reid

Education Representative: Emily Ripley

Non-Faculty Councillors

Student-at-large: Alec Boudreau, Kurtis Layden

Accessibility Representative: Jeremy Murray

Women’s Representative: Jessica Dobson

Aboriginal Students Representative: Kastina Inman

Off-Campus Student Representative: Sarah Rouse

Residence Student Representative: Arielle Rechnitzer


SUB Inc. (1 year): Wade Williams

Student Undergrad Senator (1 year): Edward Choi, Tyler Coffin, Mark Vangel

SUB Board of Directors: James Tibbetts, Thomas O’Mahony

Brunswickan Publishing Inc. Board of Directors: Johanna McPhee, Bobby Cole

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