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Neknominating you to think twice

Neknomination is a drinking trend that seems to be sweeping across the world, even the UNB Fredericton campus.

It consists of videoing yourself chugging, or “necking,” a beer or alcoholic beverage while doing something extreme. The person then nominates or challenges a friend to do it.

A survey on the Facebook page, Spotted at UNB – Fredericton, was distributed from Feb. 17 to Feb. 20, 2014. Eighty-seven students indicated they have not participated in neknominations, 13 that they have and five that they did not know what it was.

It was a relief to see majority of students who did the survey did not participate, but it does not excuse the fact that it is happening on campus.

Ashley Jorgensen, a fourth-year arts student, said at first glance she thought the neknominations were funny, but her thoughts changed as time went on.

“As weeks went by I realized how serious of an issue it was becoming,” she said. “People started to go to great lengths on how to make their video original and entertaining. I thought it was crazy how it progressed into something so dangerous.”

What she means by dangerous is some people have stood in highways or drank copious amounts of alcohol just to one-up their friend who nominated them.

Two young adults have died as a result of their neknomination.

“People make it what they want it to be. It’s not the nomination that kills or harms people, it’s the poor decisions and judgment surrounding alcohol consumption,” says third-year science student Jenny Thistle.

Alcohol is not meant to be consumed in large amounts or faster than one standard drink per hour.

When a person has more than one drink an hour, the alcohol content in the blood drastically increases, affecting the brain.

The more alcohol consumed, the higher the risk it will negatively affect the brainstem. The brainstem is in charge of vital body functions such as breathing, blood pressure and heart rate, so you can only imagine what your body is going through when you take three shots of hard liquor right after another.

Another consequence of participating in a neknomination is getting turned down for employment. Having videos of yourself chugging a beer while sitting in class, for example, is not the greatest way to impress your boss.

Neknominations pose many risks, but it is ultimately your decision to accept the nomination or not.

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