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Dear Ari.

Dear Ari,
I got “spotted @ UNB” for doing something pretty embarrassing . . . and the thing is, everyone knows it was me. How do I save face?
Social Media Screwup

Dear Social,
Being able to laugh at oneself is one of the most admirable qualities a person can have.
Never lie about what you’ve done. People may not need to know all of the nitty gritty details, but just like in childhood, if you make a mess, you’ve gotta clean it up. If you shy away from the situation, people will get more of a kick out of it, and the flame will take longer to burn out.
To be blunt, don’t flatter yourself. When you think to yourself that “everyone has seen it,” define “everyone.” Just because a couple of your friends at the SUB are talking about it doesn’t mean your reputation or social life are ruined.
Remember that people are spoon-fed so much media and information in the run of a day that you’ll be old news before you know it.


Dear Ari,
My friend has been super negative lately. I don’t think they’re really depressed or anything, but they’re always irritated with everyone and never seem satisfied. I want to help them through it and be a good friend, but they refuse to see the bright side of any situation. What should I do? I want to be a good friend, but I’m getting pretty sick of their 24/7 negativity.

Dear Beam-o,
I think it’s time to take five for your own sake. This time of year can be brutal for emotions, and when winter seems to drag on, it can be hard to keep a good perspective and to be optimistic.
Surrounding yourself with optimistic people like yourself could be really beneficial to your own well-being. It’s not that you have to ditch your friend, but it can take a lot of effort and energy to have to repeatedly try to bring someone’s mood up who just isn’t having it.
Maybe your friend needs space too. I would recommend, however, that you check up on your friend about life in general. You may not think your friend is depressed, but they may just be struggling to tell you about it. You can be supportive and open to communication without having to be the constant pick-me-up you’ve been trying to be.
And remember, “wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

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