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Bringing Sochi Into our lives

Four years ago we celebrated our Olympic games here in Canada. Olympic pride was felt from coast to coast, as the flame carried its way across our great country through every nook and cranny of the place we call home. Vancouver housed one of the most memorable games in history and the best for Team Canada’s “Gold Rush”. The moments were endless from Alexandre Bilodeau’s golden run in moguls, Jon Montgomery chugging a pitcher of beer in the streets of Whistler and, how could you forget, Sydney Crosby’s golden goal!

Well here we are again, the winter Olympics. The world’s most celebrated televised event is back and has us glued to our TVs to watch. Sochi, Russia is 8474 kilometers from our home and native land, and I’ve never felt more connected. No, it’s not across the country, but with a click of a mouse, switch of a channel or even a tap on my smartphone, I can be connected to every event going on, or that I missed.

The Olympic coverage is like the spark to the burning Olympic nationalism we get every time our athletes don the red maple leaf. Every where you go, stores, gyms and bars all have their televisions set to Olympic primetime. People are watching these special moments any time they can, even if it means straying their attention from work or class to watch it on their laptops.

We learn everything about the athletes from their hometown to how small their bed is in Olympic village and who they are “liking” on Tinder. It’s like that Canadian Tire commercial, “We all play for Canada” – our connection to our athletes so far away has made us feel like we are behind them in their mission for gold.

While some may see it as a waste of money when there are so many issues to fix in our own country, I see it as a celebration, a graduation. These athletes work so hard for four years to get to that one moment. The opening ceremonies are the prom, the games are the graduation and we’re the proud parents watching every minute. Every country gathered in peace, celebrating their country through sport and I love that I can celebrate it with them.

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