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Sexuality Awareness Week events continue

It has come.

Sexuality Awareness Week has finally arrived at UNB and the UNB Sexuality Centre has been hard at work planning and organizing this year’s event.

“The goal is to start a discussion about sexuality and sexual health in the community by providing a lot of fun events,” said Kat Felix, the Sexuality Centre coordinator and a fourth-year Spanish honours student.

Felix said she is looking forward to this year’s Sexuality Awareness week and has been working alongside Sexuality Centre volunteers to plan the many events. Her hope is to create a week of events that will draw in a crowd of students and community members.

“I started working at the centre beginning in November, and it has been my first involvement with Sexuality Awareness week,” said Felix. “A lot of planning went into this week during the strike, though some events have been planned since last semester.”

The week kicked off Monday with the Sexuality Centre open house and passion party and a presentation from comedian Trevor Boris. On Tuesday, AidsNB hosted “Not Your Grandma’s Sex Talk.” The University’s Women’s Centre had its opening night for The Vagina Monologues, which it will perform again on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Voices Against Sexual Aggression and UNB Safe Spaces will be hosting a lunch and learn on campus. UNB nursing students will be handing out cupcakes on Thursday afternoon, as they host an information table about below the belt cancers. The week will wrap on Friday with the Fredericton Gender Minority Group hosting a TRANS101 Workshop.

Shane Gunter, the Safe Spaces coordinator and a fourth-year business student, is working alongside Felix and the other campus groups to make this week a success.

“I believe that this week is important for multiple reasons. I think it gets people talking about things that are otherwise known as ‘taboo,’ ” said Gunter. “It also creates awareness for important initiatives such as the practice of safe sex, awareness on different types of sexual orientations, and awareness on sexual aggression and ways to help those impacted by sexual aggression.”

Previously, Gunter promoted and taught important sexual information to his fellow Neill House residents. He sees the importance of spreading the message to students, as well as staff and faculty, and bringing the conversation to the table. He believes the success of this week will be open-mindedness.

“It is important for people to understand the vast and diverse world of sex – including, but not limited to, sexual expression, sexual orientation, etc.,” said Gunter.

Felix said the week is an opportunity for the entire university community to educate themselves on sexual health, relationships, orientations and identity.

“We also highlight a number of useful community resources and groups which people in the university community may otherwise be unaware of,” Felix said.

“Community involvement will lead to the success of this week. The only way to achieve that goal and start that discussion is by having interested people turn out to our events.”

For more information on the week’s events, check out the “UNB Sexuality Centre” Facebook page.

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