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How to date an athlete 101

Maybe it begins in grade school, or perhaps on the playground. You may call them “sporty” or “dumb jocks,” and maybe you are one yourself. No matter the case, athletes are unique individuals, and that is no exception in the game of love.

While some may seem like sports robots, one may be surprised how a life of organized sports can help an athlete in their dating skills.

Start with the looks: from David Beckham to Danica Patrick, no matter what the sport, athletes just have it. The abs, the arms and of course the butt, sometimes sacrificing a few hours spent together, while they’re in the gym – or hey, maybe even joining them – can be totally worth it in the end.

When your iron man or sporty spice spends most of their week in practice or in a gym, those rock hard bods are only getting harder. Think they look good in pads, spandex or baggy shorts and a muscle shirt? Imagine that in a suit or a tight red dress. Now, a few exceptions to look out for are really only cosmetic, black eyes, scars, and the occasional missing tooth on your own Crosby boy, could be the only dent in these statues of athletic perfection.

So for those of you who know looks aren’t everything in dating, athletes know looking good can’t win trophies. They also know what it means to win; they set goals and shoot for them no matter the cost on their mind, body or schedule. Make your heart their gold medal, and you’ll see that hard work and go-getter attitude shine through.

The definition of a good teammate and a significant other can have a lot in common: “Someone whose primary interest lies with the success of the entire team and not his or her individual success or accomplishments.” With a skill like that, how could you not wrap your arm around your own good “teammate”? Also athletes know that in the race of love, finishing first isn’t the same as in sports.

Now how can you land yourself an athlete, you might ask? First and foremost you must show support. Athletes place sports up with family, friends and breathing. If you can make their lifestyle important to you, they’ll notice. Watch their games or matches, join them at the gym, or even just listen to them complain about how bad their practice was. Of course they’ll be busy a lot but with support, they will reward you later. Like any relationship, it’s about showing you care.

Next, challenge them. Athletes are programmed to do the best, so show them how to be the best. Maybe drop a subtle story about another couple, or even an ex – but don’t do it to make them jealous – and let the competitive side do the rest of the work. Like how they cuddle? Tell them, they will continue to cuddle you so hard you’ll never want to leave those big built arms.

Athletes are special breeds, and there isn’t much to not like about them. They make great friends, teammates and lovers. If you’re scared about taking a backseat, or third-wheeling to sports, than just remember there is always off-season.

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