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BREAKING: UNB to give students tuition rebates

The UNB board of governors has announced students will receive a credit on their tuition from the money saved during the labour disruption.

In a statement released late Thursday evening, the board of governors said that it will be distributing any net savings directly to both full-time and part-time students.

“The University Board and administration feel strongly that there should be no financial benefit to the university as a result of the labour disruption,” the statement read. “The university will be distributing the net funds … in recognition of the hardships and inconvenience cause them.”

It’s unclear where the university saved money during the labour dispute,  but full-time students should expect to receive a credit on their financial account upwards of $200 towards the end of March. Part-time students will receive less.

UNB Student Union president Ben Whitney said the UNBSU strongly advocated a tuition rebate and was glad to see the board of governors make compensation a priority.

“In a situation where students suffered a great deal of inconvenience, frustration and hardship, this is a first step in helping to repair our semester,” Whitney said in a statement. “While that does not mend everything that was broken as a result of the labour disruption, it’s without a doubt a victory for students.”

Earlier in the day the AUNBT ratified the collective bargaining agreement, with 90 per cent of all members who voted, supporting the new agreement.

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  1. HadEnuf Reply

    Wow, how noble. There was a financial benefit and this was known all along, thats why the admin waited for the govt to force mediation rather than negotiate in good faith.

  2. MartinJamesAinsley Reply

    I assume the administration will also be compensation university employees who were laid off or had their hours reduced during the strike.

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