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Training like a V-Red

Seventeen UNB varsity teams – eight women’s and nine men’s teams – means seventeen different training regimens.

Strength and conditioning coach Ken Morrison makes sure each one is suited to the athlete’s individual sport.

“Priorities for the athletes shift during the year, depending on where they are in their season,” he said. “Maintenance of physical capacity and injury prevention is the strength and conditioning focus during this phase.”

Athletes are in a position of needing to have a regulated workout and diet in order to maintain their physical lifestyle.

Morrison oversees the gym throughout the day, meeting with V-Reds when they can fit the gym into their schedule. Teams will either book a session, or have Morrison oversee their program.

“In season they don’t need to work out often but they do need to work out regularly to maintain their physical capacity,” he said.

The regular season isn’t the only time athletes need to focus. Keeping athletes conditioned during off-season is key.

“Once we move into athletes’ off-seasons it is important to look to improve on whatever performance variables we identify as priorities for that athlete or that team,” he said. ““During the off-season they need to have more regular workouts to make sure they can make the physical gains they need.”

But students don’t need to be a V-Red to get the same physical abilities. Many of the exercises given by Morrison are what students do every day at the gym.

“Often the difference is the focus of the exercise.”

He said the only real difference is some focus on strength while others focus on speed or power.

“A lot of our exercises are focused on developing athletes ability to produce speed and power,” said Morrison. “Others are used to improve mechanics to make the athlete more efficient.”

Students can get their exercise at the gym, or other facilities across campus such as the gym, intramurals, the rock wall, the squash courts, the swimming pool or any exercise classes.

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