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UNB announces March break is gone

In an effort to minimize the loss of teaching days as a result of the labour dispute, UNB has announced March break will be used for classes.

In a press release, the university also announced classes will extend until April 17, and the exam period will now be from April 22 to 30, including Sunday, April 27.

As a result, only four teaching days will be lost, but the proposal must be approved by the Academic Senates.

The university also announced the deadline for tuition is Feb. 7 for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students. All tuition and related fees must be paid by 4:30 p.m.

Story will be updated as we receive more information.


  1. angrystudent Reply

    Receptionist  It’s supposed to be a reading week to do school work, not a 10 day booze fest. That’s your own fault.

  2. HadEnuf Reply

    Just another unilateral decision by Eddy Campbell. This still needs approval. Might not be a done deal yet as students are petitioning against it and apparently it is getting noticed by the admin and the senate which would have to approve this move by king Eddy.

  3. Zedsteau Reply

    angrystudent Receptionist  I like how you assume it’s a booze fest… How do you not know that this person isn’t visiting family? Going on a mission trip? Has been saving up for years to go on a vacation? Etc, etc. 
    Do everyone a favour and use that fancy shmancy university education to think.

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