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BREAKING: UNB announces classes will resume Monday

UNB students will return to classes Monday.

Through an email sent to students, UNB president Eddy Campbell announced classes will resume Monday, Feb. 3.

“I know we are all looking forward to a return to the vibrant UNB campus life that students, faculty and staff contribute to every day,” Campbell said in the release.

UNB vice president HR Peter McDougall also confirmed that the lockout has been lifted and faculty systems should be fully online by tomorrow morning after they get updated overnight.

More to come as the story develops.


  1. concernedcitizen88 Reply

    Thank you Brunswickan in providing information. As a faculty member, you are more in touch with what is going on than I am. Of course, Eddy didn’t send the email to faculty that classes are back on on Monday (oh yes, they locked us out).

  2. Zedsteau Reply

    concernedcitizen88  Seriously… Act your age. 
    You got locked out because some profs were just going onto campus and working. You CANNOT WORK while you are on strike, that is unfair to both the university and, more importantly, THE STUDENTS. Who can do nothing but sit and wait while profs can go into their offices and work? I do not think so… 
    Give me a break.

  3. kiddy Reply

    Zedsteau concernedcitizen88Strike is over, but faculty are still locked out. No faculty is allowed on campus till midnight tonight. Sadly, you don’t realize that when you act your IQ (not your age). Learn to show respect to people Zedsteau.

  4. GingerKid1984 Reply

    HadEnuf Dragging the faculty through the mud AND shitting all over the students. Here’s to being vibrant on Monday morning. Cheers!

  5. kiddy Reply

    HadEnuf What do you think of the 2.5% (pa) EA and its split weighed heavier at the lower end of scale (as aunbt is proposing).

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