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Sexghost: exactly what it sounds like

Some ghosts want to scare you, some ghosts want revenge, and some ghosts just want to get laid.

At least this is the legend in a Montgomery Street apartment – known by those who have spent the night as “The Nut House” – that has inspired the Fredericton concept band, Sexghost.

“All of our songs are about the Sexghost. [She] comes to you at night while you’re sleeping. It’s not uncommon for people to know about her who have spent the night in that apartment,” said Sexghost guitarist and songwriter Kevin Belyea, adding that while he himself has never encountered the Sexghost, the accounts are “spooky or pleasant or a mixture of both.”

“We’ve taken it as inspiration . . . we’re trying to tell a story about the Sexghost, like a rock opera.”

Indeed, all the band’s music – written and performed by Kevin Belyea, Will Pacey, Jake Martin and Josh Bravener – centres around the fabled Sexghost, an idea first planted by former Sexghost member Michael Sinclaire, who allegedly met the Sexghost in Christmas of 2012 while house-sitting for the Nut House’s residents.

“I had heard from the current residents along with past residents about the ghost that lived on the second floor. From what I was told, the ghost only appears in dreams . . . [and] becomes a design of your own personal sexual preference,” said Sinclaire, who now lives in Calgary.

Sinclaire recalls falling into what he calls a “mad lucid dream” on one of his first nights in the house.

“The hour was just a little after dawn [when] the door opened . . . and a young woman appeared with hip-length black hair and a white canvas gown,” said Sinclaire.

“I shut my eyes . . . and I felt the bed shift with the weight of someone lying down next to me. My eyes were forced open and I saw the woman again facing me from her side of the bed. I stared into her eyes and was lost in some grip or tether.”

Sinclaire said that what happened next became the inspiration for the band’s unique repertoire.

“I found both our bodies were sliding under the sheets slowly with our eyes still tethered. The strange woman and I proceeded to copulate. Apparently I had closed my eyes for real sleep sometime during the experience [because] I awoke just a little bit after sunset feeling more refreshed than I had felt in a long time.”

It was shortly after Sinclaire’s paranormal experience that band member Will Pacey wrote the group’s first song, aptly titled “Sexghost.” Pacey said the group’s sound is “hard to describe.”

“We set out to make a punk band, but pretty soon, we had a whole bunch of different influences. I have a bluesy tone and Kevin has a bit of a surf tone, so what started out as punk became a surfy-rock with that sort of punk attitude. It’s sort of a spacey, spooky sound,” said Pacey, who hasn’t had an experience with the Sexghost but offered, “I want to believe. I have to believe.”

“Some of the songs are kind of funny but they’re all really good and catchy and people sing along. You can dance to some and rock out to others. We like to get the audience involved.”

Belyea couldn’t agree more.

“It’s definitely this kind of balance between taking it seriously and not really taking it seriously,” said Belyea.

“We have some songs that are just funny, and some that are a little more serious. We’re just a rock ‘n’ roll band trying to have fun. That’s the main goal.”

That, and launching their debut album. While the group performs at venues across the region, it is currently their only method of getting their music out to the people.

“We’re trying to record, hopefully a single for now and then eventually getting a whole album out,” said Belyea.

“It’s all in its infancy right now but . . . We’re thinking maybe the single could come out in springtime.”

Belyea encourages those interested in keeping up with the Sexghost and their/her antics to follow their social media pages.

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