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Are you getting enough of the D?

Are you getting your vitamins A, B and C? What about vitamin D?

Getting enough vitamin D is more important than one may think.

According to Statistics Canada, 59 per cent of 20- to 39-year-olds get enough vitamin D through out the year. But this is lower than other age groups.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorous which are essential for bone growth and bone health.

Adequate vitamin D consumption has been known to decrease the risk for osteoporosis, diabetes and certain types of cancer as well as increase cardiovascular health and the immune system.

It also aids in the release of neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, which are important for brain function and mood.

Now, it’s shown why it’s important to have, but how can you get it?

Some foods high in vitamin D are egg yolks, fortified cow milk, fatty fishes and mushrooms. However, getting 20-25 minutes of sunlight can give you adequate vitamin D as well. Supplements are another option.

Health Canada recommends that people aged nine to 70 get 600 IU – 15 micrograms – of vitamin D per day.

The winter months make it very difficult to get a sufficient amount of vitamin D due to the sun’s position – the skin cannot properly synthesize it. It also makes it difficult to absorb when it’s cold outside and you need to bundle up!

For this reason, eating foods high in vitamin D through out October to April is essential to boost your mood and keep your bones strong.

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