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Counselling now taking drop-in appointments

The wait list for counselling services is about to get a little shorter.

UNB Counselling Services will now be offering a drop-in service Monday to Friday during the afternoons. This is a chance for any student who needs to speak with a counsellor to do so in a timely manner.

Students in the past have found the wait lists to see a counsellor very frustrating and not worth the wait.

“It has been made clear to us that access was a problem . . . we’ve known that for a while and this is the one thing we can do,” said April Kennedy of UNB Counselling Services.

There are three slots open per day for anyone who may need them. You can either call in to book in the morning or you can drop in during the afternoon.

Although the drop-in counselling service is almost open to everyone, UNB Counselling suggests that it be used by people with specific needs.

“It’s a service that we can provide to people who don’t already have an ongoing counsellor or who are on our waiting lists,” Kennedy said.

This does not mean that students cannot use the one hour of urgent counselling per day, which can be used in crisis situations. The main difference is that a drop-in appointment is half an hour and an urgent appointment is one hour.

Kennedy said some students are unsure if counselling would be a good fit for them, which makes the drop-in service a perfect chance to give it a try. Also, if a student decides to use the drop-in service, there is no intake process and that will reduce their time commitment.

“For some people they do not want to go through our intake service and just need to speak to a counsellor regarding an issue,” said Kennedy.

Beginning at 1:30 p.m. everyday, you can drop into UNB Counselling Services to speak with a counsellor and avoid all of the lines.

“We are really happy that we were able to get this up and going. We are hoping it makes it easier to receive counselling for some of the students,” said Kennedy.

If you have any other questions regarding the UNB counselling drop-in service, you can contact them at 453-4820.

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