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Engineers unveiling their engibeer

Engineering students who participated in a brewing competition earlier last semester are now seeing the booze of their labour.

Earlier this school year six teams of engineering students, each with four members, entered the brewing competition put on by the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) in partnership with Picaroons in hopes to have their beer selected to be brewed and sold at Picaroons Brewtique.

Four beers made it through the selection process and are now waiting to be tasted down at Picaroons: a belgian wheat ale, a toasted oat coffee stout, a pale ale, and a maple wheat ale. About 500 liters of each beer was brewed, so there is plenty to go around.

Event organizer Gregory Armstrong is happy with how the event turned out, and is hopeful for the competition to return next year.

“The plan is to have it next year for sure,” said Armstrong. “As long as both UNB engineering and Picaroons are happy with how things went for the event and everything.”

Sean Dunbar, a beer guru from Picaroons, originally approached Armstrong about the brewing competition and has been pleased with how the competition turned out.

“The EUS made it pretty painless from an organizing point of view. We had lots of fun looking at the recipes and adapting them to something we could actually brew, “ Dunbar said.

Dunbar believed the engineering department was a perfect fit for a brewing competition, because the engineers seemed quite interested in the way beer is made.

“Well, we sometimes get crazy beer ideas and we love it when we find someone to go along with it. I thought the variety of departments in the faculty would be a natural source of competition,” said Dunbar. “Also, in a broad generalization, engineers seem to be interested in the brewing process.”

Picaroons is already dreaming up ideas for another competition come next year, and they aren’t afraid of putting out a challenge.

“Can engineers brew better beer than geologists or business students?” Dunbar said. “Maybe we could take the winning engineering department and challenge another faculty.”

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