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Campus pubs hope to remain open during strike

Pubs on campus plan to stay open during the strike – as long as they can, that is.

Patrick Hanson, manager of the Cellar, said if the strike hits the two to three week mark, they may have to consider closing down.

“I anticipate that if the strike goes on for two or three plus weeks, I’m guessing people are going home . . . right now we’re just playing it by ear and seeing how it goes,” Hanson said.

Hanson said the decision to stay open really depends on how many students are still going to the pub. But he said there may be other options instead of fully closing.

“There’s the possibility that we may look at just closing during the day, but still opening in the evenings,” Hanson said. “But again, it really just depends on how things progress in the coming weeks.”

The Cellar also has live acts booked over the next couple of months, something Hanson is keeping in mind.

“If we have to look at closing completely day and night, we’re going have to look at still paying our guarantees we have with these bands,” Hanson said.

Fortunately, Hanson said the Cellar doesn’t set high guarantees in general, so they wouldn’t lose too much money. He said there is also the option of opening just for shows.

“If you like the band, you’re coming to see the band. If you don’t like the band, you’re not going to see the band anyway . . . It’s as much of a concern as our regular Monday to Friday business,” Hanson said.

Upstairs at the Social Club, manager Matt Harris said they would stay open no matter how long the strike goes.

“The only thing I could possibly see happening is that we may adjust Friday to a slightly later open,” Harris said.

“Instead of opening at two, we might open sometime between five and seven, and that’s what we normally do going into long weekends.”

He said it’s important to remember that UNB students are not their only customers.

“We also can’t forget we’ve got STU and [community college] there as well. They’re still both operational. I would suspect it would pretty much be regular hours.”

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