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WE'RE BACK! | Brunswickan to resume printing for at least five weeks

Never let it be said that student newspapers don’t mean anything.

I am pleased to announce that the Brunswickan has reached an agreement with our national advertising representative, FREE Media, to publish print editions of the paper for at least the next five weeks.

Upon ceasing our printing operations, we contacted FREE Media to see if we could be paid some of the outstanding ad revenue from the first semester, in order to secure enough cash for another round of payroll.

FREE Media called us back informing us they could indeed transfer the funds from companies who have already paid for the ads, but offered a proposal which would allow us to resume printing.

They agreed to advance us the gross revenue for the ads they’ve already sold for the next five issues, through Feb. 19, deferring their commission for their cut in making the sales. They had already sold the ad space before knowing of our printing situation and made a business decision “to get a flagship student newspaper up and running again,” as well as to not upset their clients to whom they had already sold advertising space.

The Brunswickan would like to especially thank Vikram Seth and Ashleigh Brown of FREE Media, who were more than happy to help out a struggling student newspaper and take a risk on their end of the business in advancing us enough funding to return to print.

The advance, along with our own local advertising revenue, still isn’t enough to completely cover our operating costs, but it’s enough of a boost to keep us from running into debt as we originally feared.

Though the paper will only be a 12-page spread and slightly ad-heavy, we are grateful to our partners at FREE Media and to Canadian University Press for helping us continue our printing operation and giving students at UNB and the Fredericton community another outlet to consume the Brunswickan.

This is, however, a temporary solution and one which would not have been possible without generous support from our partners. But the fundamental problem of the labour dispute between the university and the AUNBT, which brought us to this stage, is still active.

We don’t know where we will be at after the fifth week.

We continue to hope for a quick resolution to this strike, so students can get back into the classroom.

Our next issue will be on newsstands on Jan. 22. Until then, please keep checking Thebruns.ca for up-to-the-minute strike coverage.

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