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Unionized courier delivery drivers refuse to cross UNB picket lines

Students awaiting packages in the mail will not have to collect them off campus despite couriers UPS and Purolator announcing they would not cross the picket lines of striking faculty at the University of New Brunswick.

Courier services are only one more service impacted by the AUNBT strike. Because the drivers of UPS and Purolator are unionized, they can choose whether or not to cross picket lines.

“The drivers will not cross the picket lines under any circumstances,” said Tanya LeBlanc, a customer service representative at Purolator.

The choice to cross picket lines is driver-dependent at UPS. Efforts were made to contact UPS with no response by the time of publication.

Instead, the university announced today that the university mailroom has introduced a temporary protocol where packages will be picked up daily from the UPS and Purolator depots and delivered to students.

Outbound mail can be sent either from Fredericton’s UPS store or through Canada Post at the university’s mail room, located at 8 Garland Ct.

The courier service disruption caused difficulties for students before the new protocol was in place. UNB student Kastina Inman had trouble when she tried to pick up a package on Wednesday.

“It’s just another inconvenience for students,” she said. “It’s upsetting that I have to pay full price for living on campus when all amenities that should be included are not, even if it’s just temporarily.”

Inman had ordered a package through Purolator and had to go to their depot at 727 Wilsey Rd. to collect it. She was given a hard time when she was unable to provide proper identification.

“The package had to be arranged for pickup, and customer service gave me a hard time about it, stating that I needed a bill addressed to my residence address for proof of residence even though the package is in my name and I had government issued ID,” she said.

“I was even told I’d have to send somebody else with a note from me to be able to pick up my package at the depot, which is about 15 minutes from campus.”

Eventually Purolator agreed to make an exception for students and Inman was able to pick up her parcel.

Now with the new courier protocol, students will not have to leave campus to collect their mail. It will be delivered to campus by the university’s mail room service.

More information can be found on UNB’s Financial Services website at Unb.ca/financialservices.

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