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UNBSU hiring food coordinator

The UNB Student Union is implementing a new campus food coordinator position to handle all food-related matters on campus.

With last term seeing developments in food services at UNB with Sodexo’s new food contract and programs such as the Community Food Systems Project, the UNBSU is hoping that the new position will keep this progress moving forward.

“I wanted to create a position that specifically met the need of the campus food services,” said Marc Gauvin, UNBSU vice-president of finance and operations.

“I think in terms of food on campus that there’s been significant improvements and we’re hoping that a coordinator position will be able to continue relationships with other groups like Sodexo.”

The responsibilities of the campus food coordinator are currently held by Gauvin but he said he wants to make sure there’s someone to pick up where he’ll be leaving off this term.

“I’ve really taken a serious interest in [food issues] over the last few years and I think it’s something important for the [Student] Union to continue on,” Gauvin said.

As it now stands, the responsibility for food issues is not a specific part of any of the UNBSU vice-president portfolios. Gauvin had only taken it on as it’s an issue he is passionate about.

“There’s no guarantee any particular vice-president is going to continue or want to continue it in the future, so this is a way to make sure this work keeps happening,” said Ben Whitney, president of the UNBSU.

“Personally for me it frees up time for me to work on other initiatives and looking more into longevity of the financial situation of the union,” Gauvin said.

The food coordinator will be answering to Gauvin for the remainder of the term.

A large part of the campus food coordinator’s responsibilities will be to communicate with all people who contribute to food matters on campus.

“All the parties involved have indicated they really appreciate having the Student Union contacts and just bringing them feedback,” Gauvin said.

“They really appreciated the relationship we’ve had and are really looking forward to continuing it. So hopefully we’ll be able to find someone just as dedicated to the cause.”

Whitney said he wants to have the job filled by the end of the month in order to get the most put of the new position. The job listing will be posted on the UNBSU website.

“One of the biggest things that came out of last year with the Sodexo contract and everything is that it’s kind of the knowledge that students want better food, they want better options and better prices and that’s not work that you do overnight,” Whitney said.

“That’s something you need to be working at consistently and have someone there to build those relationships.”

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