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Fresh 5: Affordable healthy meal options coming to UNB

Food on campus is getting a little fresher.

The UNBSU has created Fresh 5, a new initiative at the UNB campus promoting healthy eating at an affordable price.

This idea, brought forward by Marc Gauvin, the UNBSU vice-president finance, is meant to solve some problems faced by students looking to get healthy meal options that won’t break the bank.

“The main issue was accessibility to fresh, healthy and affordable food,” said Gauvin. “Most of the healthy options featured tend to be either more expensive or they were not fresh to order, such as purchasing a grab and go item.”

Gauvin believes most students are looking to spend around $5 on a meal and so the Fresh 5 program came to life.

Sodexo general manager Tim Thorton said the program was in large part a response to consumer feedback for healthy options at a reasonable price point.

“We believe that it is important to offer students a variety of healthy dining options. This idea was brought forth by a student in our Healthy Food Services Incubator Project Group,” Thorton said. “We utilized the feedback from our customers and had the program created to implement other healthy dining options while keeping the cost as low as possible.”

There will be a menu on rotation featuring five dishes, such as red curry chicken with basmati rice and pork fajitas. Each meal has a bottle of water included in the price.

Thorton said Sodexo plans to keep the program moving forward unless it is found to be unsuccessful.

“We want to appeal to all customers and have something for everybody,” he said. “We have a great program in place for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options and this is another way in which we can appeal to and attract customers.”

Gauvin encourages all students to give feedback on the program to any Sodexo staff or directly to him so that Sodexo and UNBSU can work on improving campus food services.

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