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Dear Ari.

Dear Ari,
I got pudgy first semester ‘cause Greco was kinder to me than my cooking attempts. I got pudgier at home during the holidays ‘cause Mom’s home-cooked meals and baked goods were also kind to me. It’s time for Pudge and I to break up, but I know the gym can be super busy this time of year. What can I do?!
-Pudge’s Paramour

Dear Pudge’s,
While the gym is a super convenient and efficient way to get active, we Canadians are blessed with both the climate and the technology for many alternatives.
Remember how much fun sledding was as a kid? I bet you forgot how much work getting back up the hill can be! Grab your pals, slap on your snowsuit and take one of those meal hall trays I know you all stole, and get to it.
Fredrock is home to many FREE (and that’s “free” without the asterisk) indoor and outdoor skating rinks. I’m sure your folks wouldn’t mind sending up your old skates! If you don’t have any, try borrowing from a friend, or cruise Kijiji. Squeamish about used foot apparel? You can usually scoop some skates up on the cheap at Walmart.
Hoping for something a little less chilly? You’d be surprised at how much you can do in your own bedroom. Pick up a yoga mat, and start cruising the web. YouTube and Pinterest have created the opportunity for people to learn a huge variety of fitness regimes without forking up funds. Go easy on yourself, and make sure you’re not overestimating your abilities. No need to show off in the comfort of your own home. Be careful, and take the time to assess the validity and safety of your sources.
I have every confidence that you and Pudge can have a clean split. Don’t give up, and don’t forget that you are by no means the only one trying to get active. There’s support for you all over this campus – tap into it!


Dear Ari,
Personally, I’m not worried about winter blues, but I am worried about turning blue when I’m looking to get down on the dance floor. Dressing hot when the weather’s not has proven to be quite challenging. How can I get downtown without freezing my buns off?!
-Quivering Quinn

Dear Quivering,
You’re right to be concerned about that! Being a fan of the occasional night out, I’ve come to realize that plans to get to and from downtown are fickle. In the winter more than any other time, it is so important to make sure you keep cab fare on you just in case, even if you plan on walking home.
Once upon a time, young blood flowed through my veins and I foolishly braved pub crawls/tours sans jacket, all because I hoped to save a buck or two at coat check. Yes, it’s university, and we’re all hurting for money, but if you can’t afford that buck or two, the ugly truth may be that you can’t afford to be going out.
All of that is to say that you can wear whatever you want, provided you wear a jacket and mittens as needed – they can fit super easily into your sleeve. Do grab a cab if you need to; we’re lucky they’re so cheap in Freddy.
Be safe, have fun, and for heaven’s sake, be careful with that ice, especially in your sky-high heels!

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