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Skipping down the house | Barry leads UNB team

Josh Barry leaves no stone unturned as he helps lead his team to Atlantic University Sport Championships, but was unable to take a victory and won’t be going to nationals.

But like every other curler, the story starts earlier than the championships.

Playing for 15 years, he has gone to four Canadian Juniors, representing Canada as an alternate last year, and two international events this past year.

“It was really cool to wear the Maple Leaf,” he said. “Every country comes up to you and knows your Canada, so you kind of wear that, and it’s almost a target on your back but at the same time everyone respects you.”
Just like Armstrong, he said “I’m all over the map.”

Just like one of his fellow UNB curlers, Barry got into curling because of his dad who played now and again while living in Yellowknife, N.W.T. When Barry was seven years old he tried out curling.

“I went back the next week and every week since.”

The UNB curling season also owes some of its existence to Barry working hard to make sure they can compete in the red and black.

Not having a UNB team compete for the last 25 years, Barry and Steve Kelly, event co-chair of the 2013 World Mixed Doubles and Senior Curling Championships held in Fredericton, made sure the Reds would get their chance.

“It’s finally come, I guess,” said Barry. “It’s my fourth year, but at least I will get one crack at it. It will be really cool to play for the school.”

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