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Your printing made easier | ITS rolls out MyPrint

Tired of racing to the library for a last-minute print job before class, only to find every computer in use?

UNB’s new print service may save you some hassle.

Accessible through any web-capable device, be it PC, Mac, or phone, MyPrint is the latest addition to the MyUNB Portal. It allows documents to be sent to any lab printer on campus.
Even the most technophobic of students can use MyPrint easily, provided they have a web browser and active internet connection – and money in their UCard Cash account, of course.

“[It works by] selecting the file you wish to print, selecting the printer you would like to use and then clicking on the ‘print’ button,” said David Totton, director of UNB’s ITS client services.

For laptop users who prefer a specific printer on campus, they can designate it as their default device, allowing direct printing from their current program.
If this sounds a bit familiar, that’s because MyPrint is an improved revamp of Novell iPrint, a similar system which was phased out last November. Totton believes the new app will bring the kind of flexibility students demand.

“Novell was no longer able to meet the needs of UNB’s students, faculty and staff. Since then, we have been working to remove and replace all existing Novell services,” he said. “With the recent upgrade of the student computer labs and print environments last summer, we were able to remove Novell completely from UNB’s IT systems.”

Making MyPrint accessible from phones and tablets is part of a campaign from ITS to broaden “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) services on campus, whose absence ITS became aware of through surveys, Student Tech Fee submissions, lab use statistics and general observation.

“ITS has developed a mobility strategy that is incorporated in to all of our new services to ensure we enable the use of BYOD and mobile technology,” said Totton. “We are removing students’ dependency on lab computers to access printing and specific software by giving them the ability to use their own devices when they want to.”

While some might think that this might lead to congestion at the communal printers, Totton believes just the opposite – that print requests will move from lab computers to personally owned devices. As many smartphone owners will attest, anything that frees you from the shackles of a desktop computer is a step in the right direction.

For any questions about MyPrint, contact the ITS Help Desk at

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