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One step at a time | Seizing the day

This is a story about a day that we all desire in some way, the day where our goal is reached. This is the day my weight loss totalled 100 pounds.

Astonishing moments are made by the difficulty we once faced, and one day something amazing is going to happen making your entire journey worth it, as long as you keep faith.

Remember, it takes a few bad days to appreciate a good one.

After weighing 320 pounds five years ago, I was down to 221 on the other side of bullying, harassment, depression and rejection. I showed up to cross-country that day for one of the hardest workouts we would ever do.

Sometimes before a run, or a big game, you tell yourself you’re about to do something amazing. We were told to jog or walk between miles. I refused and kept running, knowing what I was after. I ran deathly miles for hours without stopping; music from the Rocky IV fight drove through my head. Teammates shook their heads wondering why the hell I was still going. I didn’t even know, I just knew I wasn’t about to stop now.

My legs went numb, I couldn’t breathe and tears blended with excessive sweat. I thought about all those who made fun of me, or all who convinced me suicide was my best option. I thought about all the times I wasn’t good enough. More than anything, I thought about that 320-pound kid who wanted to make a change. This is where he ended up. These days are what you live for and don’t ever stop, because someday everything in your life will make sense.

Until then, just move forward.

My body was destroyed that day, but not my heart. I jogged home in tears knowing what the past five years were. Today was the day. It had to be. I stumbled into my place and hopped on the scale still catching my breath.

The “fat-ass, pathetic, no-good joke, embarrassment” kid every girl laughed at when he smiled toward them, who was told he was too fat to play quality hockey, had lost 100 pounds.

The scale showed 219.6, as well as a few tears that dripped off my face. It was worth it. The laughter I faced meant nothing to me anymore. No one could ever take this away from me. The smallest of belief can go the longest of ways. If there was one day I really chased after something one step at a time, it was this one.

I promise from first-hand experience, if you want weight loss, it’s always possible. Even if it’s down the road, but your day will come, and it will be worth it.

Maybe searching for a dream is more important than finding it. There’s more to life than the hard times we face, there’s more to us than determination, and there’s more to you than hope.

“Fight for what you love, and do whatever it takes to be happy.” – Anonymous

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