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BREAKING: AUNBT sets strike deadline

UNB professors’ union AUNBT has set a strike deadline for Jan. 13 at 12:01 a.m.

The Brunswickan has learned through a leaked email that the AUNBT bargaining committee voted unanimously on resolutions for the deadline Monday evening.

The email was sent by Bill Parenteau, chair, of the union’s collective bargaining council.

AUNBT has not returned our calls for comment at this time.

Story will be updated as it develops.

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  1. raleblanc Reply

    The pawn is the most numerous piece on the board. The fate of the players depends on its position. As students we CAN take a poisition and I support AUNBT!

  2. TiredOfBaselessOpinions Reply

    raleblanc Support them on what basis? Asking for a ludicrously inflated percent increase of 7% for two years?  There’s no doubt the schools undercutting them with their offer of 1.5%, we can all agree with that but blind negligence and lack of understanding basics in economics and inflation makes your opinion rather mute in the conversation, because you can voice an opinion doesn’t mean it’s educated nor interesting.  

    The average annual inflation rate falls at around 3% per year, 1.5% is 1.5 points below and 7% is 4 points above… One group is asking an enormous sum compared to the others small undercut.

    A more reasonable stance would be a 3-5% increase depending on negotiations but there isn’t a business still around that could afford to be bullied into a 7% increase with a 2 year agreement because such tactics inflate with each allowance.

    But who really cares, we’re the ones who lose.  Teachers go on strike, we lose tuition and the teachers get a higher pay grade, raising tuition fees.

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